COSH-Construction Occupational Safety & Health
Course Description:

      A DOLE-BWC-OSHC prescribed courses for Safety Officer in the construction industry and also a requirement from the Philippine Constractor Accreditation Board (PCAB).

This training is a requirement of Occupational Safety & Health Standards RULE 1030 as ammended, specifically the Department Order 13 (Guidelines Governing Occupational Safety & Health in the Construction Industry).
Section 13: Construction Safety and Health Training stated that All safety personnel assigned within the construction site are required to undergo the basic construction safety training course prescribed by the Bureau of Working Conditions.

The course gives the participants knowledge on hazards and risk in construction works, identify the control measures and implement the OSH Program in the workplace.
Pre-requisite: None
Course Outline:

1.  Department Order 13

2. Safety and Health in Constructions

3. Unsafe Acts & Unsafe condition

4. Environmental Safety & Occupational Health

5. Personal Protective Equipment

6. Excavation Safety

7. Hand Tools and Power Tools

8. Heavy Equipment Safety
9. Fall Protection and Ladder Safety
10. Scaffolding Safety

11.  Electrical Safety with LOTO

12. Fire Safety
13. Welding and Cutting Safety
14. Demolition Safety15. Safety Inspection
16. Job Hazard Analysis


17. Accident/incident Investigation
18. Human Elements in Safety
19. First Aid
20. Communication and Toolbox Meeting
21.  Role of Safety Officer

22. Employees Compensation Commission

23. OSH Legislation
24. Construction Safety and Health Programming 

Course Duration:
40 Hours (4 Days / 5 Days)
Upon completion of Training participants will be awarded Certificate of Completion. 
Course Fee: Php 6,000.00 (Inclusion VAT, Polo Shirt, Manual,Meals)
Note: Price may vary by location