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An OSHAcademy Authorized Training Provider, or ATP, is an independent company or organization authorized to provide OSHAcademy training directly to students in a classroom setting. OSHAcademy ATPs help meet the needs of students seeking a more traditional classroom-based training experience.

Courses taught by an ATP are classroom-based. This allows students to have more direct interaction with the instructor versus an online course. Additionally, ATPs are able to provide hands-on training for some courses which cannot be achieved through online training. Lastly, ATPs have the ability to create custom courses to meet their client's needs.

OSHAcademy ATPS is authorized to provide awareness-level training. OSHAcademy does not certify students trained by ATPs are qualified or competent to perform OSH responsibilities. If you have any questions about OSHAcademy ATP training or certification, please contact our ATP Coordinator.

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