Basic Occupational Safety & Health  (BOSH)
Course Description:
     A DOLE-BWC-OSHC prescribed courses for Safety Officer in the General Industry like manufacturing, school, hospital, retail and services, oil and gas, security, etc. Except Maritime Industry.

This training is required by the OSH Standards Rule 1030 as ammended by Department Order 16 (DO 16)-Training and Accreditation of Personnel in Occupational Safety and Health Standards. The course gives the participants the basic knowledge in the Occupational Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment, Hazard Control Prevention and Implementing OSH Program in the workplace.

Pre-requisite: None

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to OSH in the Philippines                    
2. Global and Local OSH Situation                        
3. Occupational Safety and Health Legislation                
4. Work Accident/Incident theories                   
5. Unsafe Acts & Unsafe Condition                    
6. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control           
7. Basic of Industrial Hygiene                        
8. Housekeeping                              
9. Personal Protective Equipment                        
10. Materials Handling and Storage  

11.  Fire Safety                                
12. Machine Safety                               
14. Electrical Safety with Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO)                     
16. Environment Control Measures                        
17. Occupational Health Hazards and Occupational Diseases & Illnesses  
18. Job Hazard Analysis                            
19.  Accident and Incident Investigation                    
20. Emergency Preparedness and Management        
21.  Safety and Health Inspection

22. Human Elements in Safety (Communication, Behaviour, Motivation)
23. Employees Compensation Commission
24. OSH Programming     
Course Duration:

40 Hours (4 Days/5 Days)
Upon completion of Training participants will be awarded Certificate of Completion.
Course Fee: Php 6,000.00 (Inclusion VAT, Polo Shirt, Manual,Meals)
Note: Price may vary by location